We stand for

What we stand for...

  • restoring independent nation states with small governments that are run in accord with the Common Law
  • restoring and maintaining the true Christ-centred culture of the Common Law nations, with believers in God through the true Christ in all official and government positions
  • re-establishing the true cultural, historical and spiritual position of the Common Law nations
  • access to swift, effective justice, according to the Common Law - this will, for example, protect the peaceful, safe and clean living of men and women, according to the circumstances of each individual case
  • full implementation of the Rule of Law, recognising that no man, 'not even the king', is above the law
  • the teaching of the Common Law and God's Law through Christ, which means for example emphasing the difference between what is lawful and what is legal, and that Common Law (lawful) always trumps statute and legislation (what is legal)
  • effective national borders and the strict maintenance of those borders with effective armed forces, customs and such like
  • protection of private property
  • low taxes, with a view to having no taxes at all
  • protection of the nation militarily and economically - that means, not only a strong, disciplined and honourable body of men in our armed forces, but also economic protection of home industry with tariffs on selected imported goods
  • the re-assertion of the three Common Law categories for those who reside in a nation - Native (born here), Denizen (other) and Alien (foreign born, when not denizen)
  • the use of the right to self defence, which menas a right to bear arms, according to the Common Law and custom
  • health through sound nutrition and natural, effective cures
  • the family
  • true education with an emphasis on true history
  • allegiance to God through Christ and to the lawful government of the nation - 'Without allegiance we have no kingdom!'
  • peaceful living
  • fulfilment of true potential, via the true nature of man, not social engineering and other forms of manipulation of the people
  • men and women earning the fruits of the efforts
  • embracing all men and women of all races, culture or religion, who wish to accept God through Christ, according to the true Gospels
  • honesty, integrity, truth, courage and honour
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