By David Cammegh 15 Jan, 2017

'Why does there have to be a Son of God?' asked the man.

The angel replied, 'Can you be your consciousness?'

'I am my consciousness,' the man said.

'That is not correct. You are in this moment with me; and as each moment passes you will know that moment, or you will become conscious of it. Therefore as each moment passes you have more consciousness. But you are not your consciousness. Your consciousness grows through you and your experience. So, try to be your consciousness - what is it like?'

The man frowned. 'Everything we experience becomes consciousness?'

'Ultimately, yes.'

'That means it becomes one thing.'

'It does,' said the angel.

The man thought for a moment....


By David Cammegh 10 Jan, 2017
By David Cammegh 07 Jan, 2017

Yesterday I did a short video on the intention of our government to introduce a 'law' against smacking our own children. The video is titled, ' Your Children are Yours To Discipline - they are NOT Government Property! '

Questions have been raised.

Here are the questions and answers:

Qu : What is the Common Law on smacking?

Ans : The real law on smacking is that 'reasonable chastisement' is allowed.

Qu : If children are our property, then does it mean that we can do what we like with them as with the inanimate property of ours?

Ans : 'Reasonable chastisement' cannot be assault as assault is about harming another, 'reasonable chastisement' does not cause harm but actually benefits the child.

Again, all is provided by the real law.

We have no need to consent to government interference with our children, not least because those in government do not have a particularly good record for caring for children.

We have no need to submit to or accept their proposed legislation to 'ban smacking'.

I say it again, our children are our property.

They are nothing whatsoever to do with the government or any of their agencies.

It is surely best to keep it that way, by not consenting and not contracting.

And remember, as the Bible says, 'Spare the rod and spoil the child' ( Proverbs 13:24 ).

But that does not mean treating the child like Mr. Murdstone treated David Copperfield in Dicken's story - that would be harming the child.

Finally, if you want to know more about your child being property, you might find it helpful to watch this video with Karl Lentz .

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