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By joining the Common Law Nations Alliance you declare that you support what we stand for and what we aim to do. You also understand that your annual membership fees will, amongst other things, be going towards
organising events, not just in Great Britain but also across the world. Your membership fees will also be going towards helping to present you with information and towards truly unifying men and women of all races and nations throughout the world, which means unifying them in accord with God through Christ.Your membership will also go towards discounts on events and other itemswhen such things will be available, which will be soon.

PLEASE NOTE - we are totally independent, with no funding whatsoever from any other organisations, and your information will not be shared with anyone.

Annual Membership - £15

Please note that we can only accept your membership if we have your full name and address.

We need as much money as we can get as much has to be done, so if you wish to donate, please use the DONATE button below, it will be very much appreciated.
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