Vital Videos

Vital Videos... understand sovereignty, authority, jurisdiction, contract and how they apply to you.

Watch these five videos and you should have a good idea of where you stand (or are trapped!) in relation to the corporate world, and how to get out of it or how to retain power in your life under your sovereign as a man or woman.
The below video, Secrets of the Legal Industry' is Part 1 of 3 very important videos for all those who want to apply the Law, deal with summary judgements, deal with mortgages, assert their true jurisdiction and much more. Here is a link to Part 2 and here is a link to Part 3. These are essential viewing.

The below video, 'Black's Law', is superbly presented and fascinating. It gets you thinking about jurisdiction, authority, sovereignty and contract, and points you in the right direction in those areas. Of course, 'Allah' and 'Moors' and such like might not mean anything or much to you, and if they don't, you need not be concerned as the information about Law is important and applicable to all of us. There is an interesting section on astrology, and the importance of astrology in the Law, which, as many of you will agree, is very good to see, though I would not say I agreed with all she said on that. She would have to go into greater depth. Overall, however, this is an essential video if you want to see a breakdown of the structures that imprison us, and therefore begin to help yourself reassert your Common Law sovereignty and therefore your freedom.

The below video, 'Meet Your Strawman' very simply helps you see your lawful and legal status, thereby helping you to begin work in those areas.

The below video, 'Return to Sender', is a great help for all of those who simply do not want to contract away their lives to corporations, which, of course, have no allegiance to the sovereign.

The below video, 'Council Tax, Sovereignty, Jurisdiction and Common Law' introduces you to the importance of sovereignty, jurisdiction and allegiance - vital for you to understand.
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